Jordan cut off in his prime!
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JULY 14, 2010

Jordan cut off in his prime!

Eddie Jordan was the victim of a practical joke by McLaren's Ron Dennis after the British Grand Prix.

Jordan had been on a bit of a roll at Silverstone, getting stuck into Red Bull team principal Christian Horner after the race. On live TV, Jordan said to Horner: "If I was honest I would say, having heard the congratulations that you made to Mark Webber as he crossed the line, truthfully, it didn't come across as genuine.

"Now, you may say it was genuine, but I don't think it had the passion and commitment we know that you do have from time to time. This was a bad day for the team. You heard what Mark said about being a No2 driver. This is surely a situation that shouldn't have happened?"

Horner, responded, "Eddie, today we've won the British Grand Prix in front of so many people who have worked so hard from the factory. We'd have preferred to have both cars at the front, but it hasn't happened," before adding that as a former team boss, Jordan would be well aware that sometimes decisions like that have to be taken.

Jordan, in his programme summation, was still banging the same drum when Ron Dennis appeared behind him and cut the wires from Jordan's waist-mounted broadcasting box, to his earpieces, depriving Jordan of the ability to hear any input or instruction from the producer/director.

Horner no doubt, probably wishes that Dennis had arrived a tad earlier and cut off something else...

The Beeb, however, was unimpressed by Ron's antics, although one of their number did retain enough of a sense of humour to seek out McLaren's PR chief and warn him to look out because, at Hockenheim, they'd be coming by to snip the brake pipes!

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