MARCH 21, 2024

Horner wants to be energy drink CEO

Christian Horner has set his sights on becoming the CEO of the energy drink company CEO.

Christian Horner, Bahrain GP 2024
© Red Bull

As Horner's personal scandal and obvious power struggle at Red Bull Racing speeds ahead, it has become increasingly clear that there's more at stake than just F1.

Bild, the biggest German newspaper, explains that Horner has become very close to Red Bull's 51 percent shareholder Chalerm Yoovidhya - especially since the Austrian side of the company lost veto power following Dietrich Mateschitz's late 2022 death.

Horner initially wanted shares in Red Bull Racing, claimed correspondents Helmut Uhl and Michel Milewski. He failed, but he did secure the marketing rights of the sister team Alpha Tauri.

Bild claims Horner then set his sights on becoming the CEO of the parent company GmbH, a position now jointly held by three figures in the Austrian faction in the wake of Mateschitz's death.

The Horner scandal then became public in the early days of 2024, leading to the present situation and rumours it could even end up costing Red Bull the services of Max Verstappen.

I'm not really concerned about it, said the triple world champion when asked by The Project program in Australia on Wednesday. I have a contract in 2028, which I think says enough.

However, Bild claims that top designer Adrian Newey appears to already be in well advanced talks with Ferrari about a bombshell team switch.

Horner reportedly thinks Alex Albon could fill Verstappen's boots at Red Bull, with the added bonus that he is from Thailand like fellow powerbroker Yoovidhya.

When asked on Wednesday if Verstappen has spoken to him about a potential switch to Mercedes, meanwhile, top Red Bull consultant Dr Helmut Marko answered: "That's internal information.

You can't seriously expect an answer from me, he told Osterreich newspaper.

It has emerged that Horner did not know that a 'Marko clause' was retrospectively added to Verstappen's new contract in 2022, allowing him to escape the deal if Marko is ousted or leaves.

When asked if he will be at all 24 grands prix this season in Red Bull uniform, 80-year-old Marko responded: I'm booked, but that doesn't mean much yet.