NOVEMBER 25, 2023

Hamilton emotionally drained at end of 2023

Lewis Hamilton admits he is finding it "difficult" to cope with the latest developments in global instability.

Lewis Hamilton, Las Vegas GP 2023
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Whilst often outspoken on other political issues, Formula 1 figures have been notably quiet about the Israel-Gaza war - despite huge western protests and outcry.

When asked by Arab News in Abu Dhabi if he thinks about the human impact of the current conflict, the Mercedes driver answered: "Absolutely, how can you not?

"I think it's been a very strange period for us because we are in such a bubble here. We arrive at all these different places and there's so much positivity in our little bubble.

And this year, it's difficult to wake up each day knowing there are thousands of kids dying and there's nothing you can do about it and the rest of the world just goes on as it is.

Indeed, a much bigger issue in F1 at the end of the season has been burnout due to the hectic 23-race schedule - culminating in the 12-hour timezone shift in mere days between Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi.

Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko told Osterreich: "I'm slowly recovering. Las Vegas was absolutely at the limit.

Nobody knew anymore whether it was breakfast or dinnertime. At the end, everyone was finished.

Hamilton, though, insists it's not right to describe his current state as burned out.

I'd rather not keep going into the season, he confessed, "but I think for me I'm just more emotionally drained at the end of the year.

"It's obviously a very long season. I think really with all the negativity in the world as well, it's been quite draining just to maintain a positive mindset through the year.

To be able to compartmentalise and just go ahead with your job, I think, is difficult. You just try to remain positive through the darkest time.