Gordon Murray to work with Group Lotus
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AUGUST 31, 2011

Gordon Murray to work with Group Lotus

Renowned F1 and automotive designer Gordon Murray has joined Group Lotus as a member of its Advisory Council, to advise on future development.

"For years I've been a huge admirer of Lotus," Murray said. "I have great respect for the legacy that Colin Chapman created and I think what Dany [Bahar] and the team are doing is a really good thing for the brand. "He's taking the strength from Chapman's principles and taking the business to the next level whilst still keeping the general ethos - not an easy task! I'm really looking forward to contributing."

Other members of Lotus's consultancy group include ex-BMW chief Dr Burkhard Goschel and former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz.

Group Lotus CEO Bahar said: "Gordon has never been afraid to trail blaze, take risks and do things differently. These are attribute that we are very familiar with and very proud of at Lotus. With his incredible and unique motorsport and design experience he will complement the existing council line up perfectly. We're very much looking forward to working with him."

Murray made his name as a designer at Bernie Ecclestone's Brabham team in the mid seventies, where he penned the lovely BT44 and was responsible for the notorious BT46B 'Fan Car' which won the Swedish GP in 1978 before Ecclestone abandoned the concept for political reasons.

He went on to join McLaren and has recently concentrated on his own Gordon Murray Design group, prioritising innovative approaches to city cars.

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