German GP in doubt

JULY 14, 2009

German GP in doubt

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The management of Nurburgring GmbH says that it will not be hosting the German GP next year and with Hockenheim having losts its support from the local government, the future of the race is in doubt - unless the Formula One group decides to compromise and ask for less money. But that would be a risk because if an exception was made for one race, the others would all want the same deal. Thus the future is bleak unless the Formula One group agrees to compromise and then tries to keep it secret. That might work, but these things do tend to leak out. The alternative is for a another major traditional event to disappear from the calendar, following the French GP. The future of the British GP is also in some doubt.

The Nurburgring (like Silverstone) says that it could host a race next year but it is not going to do it at the current going rate. If F1 wants a German GP, then F1 is going to have to compromise.

This presumably means that F1 will lose another European race.

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