FOTA calls for compromise

JUNE 17, 2009

FOTA calls for compromise

In a letter to FIA President Max Mosley, Bernie Ecclestone of the Formula One group, with copies going to all members of the FIA World Council and Senate, FOTA has called for compromise in the ongoing dispute.

In the letter FOTA proposes that everyone adopt the 1998 Concorde Agreement once again, with improved "administration and procedures" for the Formula 1 Commission. They have also asked for a right to have a say in safety rules, that the entry procedure is not in future used to change the rules and that there be a single process for non-safety changes so that changes introduced prior to June 1 coming into force the following January 1. Changes agreed after June 1 would be introduced on the second January 1 after the decision was made.

FOTA has asked for a Sporting Working Group, similar to the Technical Working Group.

They also propose a change to the dispute resolution process to speed up the process, moving to the FIA International Court of Appeal, although this would be restructured.

FOTA unerlined that it is committed to cost-cutting and quoted Mosley himself saying that the budget discussions on both sides are now "veryc lose if not identical".

The organisation said that it will not accept a two-tier system of regulations, but again noted that Mosley had issued a statement saying that thre would be one set of rules. FOTA says that it will assist the new entrants with low-cost engine and gearbox packages and technical assistance on the chassis front.

FOTA went on to ask for the entry deadline to be extended to July 1.

The letter was signed by all eight FOTA teams.

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