FIA's suspension of disbelief
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APRIL 8, 2010

FIA's suspension of disbelief

Formula 1's governing body the FIA has vowed to crack down on anyone found to have a trick suspension system in 2010.

Since the start of the year there has been suspicion directed at Red Bull, notably by McLaren, about a supposed system to affect ride heights between qualifying and the race. That would give the team a massive advantage due to the vast weight difference between empty and full tanks. It has been suggested that there are similarities to the active ride pioneered by Lotus and perfected by Williams two decades ago.

The FIA has taken a close look at the RB6 and found nothing wrong. It has now sent out a communication to all the teams informing them that all systems along these lines contravene the regulations.

A year on from the double-diffuser controversy, the next couple of races could get interesting if other teams do attempt to run with systems that affect ride height under parc ferme regulations. Red Bull has continually denied it has anything untoward in place and vowed to protest anyone who installs such a system.

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