NOVEMBER 8, 2023

Ferrari to extend Leclerc contract amid team struggles

Ferrari is tipped to announce a 2025 contract extension for Charles Leclerc on Thursday, despite his foul-mouthed retirement from the race even before the most recent grand prix in Brazil began.

Charles Leclerc, Brazilian GP 2023
© Ferrari

The storied Italian team hinted at significant news with a cryptic social media post stating, Something cool dropping tomorrow.

Autosprint, an Italian magazine, has fuelled speculation, claiming an imminent announcement regarding Leclerc's future with the Scuderia.

According to rumours, tomorrow the Rossa will announce Leclerc's contract extension, it reported.

The potential renewal comes at a turbulent time for Leclerc and Ferrari. Leclerc's frustration was palpable following a premature exit in Brazil due to a technical fault, an incident described by Corriere della Sera as a bad blow.

The report detailed the precarious nature of Leclerc's commitment: Charles is negotiating a renewal beyond 2024 but wants guarantees on the future: having a car capable of fighting for the World Championship.

Leclerc has endured a tumultuous relationship with Ferrari, littered with mechanical failures and strategic mishaps.

Wounds of love, writes Daniele Sparisci of Corriere della Sera, capturing the essence of a partnership marred by unfulfilled potential and shared tribulations.

Charles will have shed his anger, but not the doubts, Sparisci reveals, highlighting the driver's need for confidence in Ferrari's ability to compete at the highest level.

2024 looms as a pivotal year for Ferrari's new team boss, Frederic Vasseur, with Sparisci noting: He doesn't seem to have any worthy people around him.

Giorgio Terruzzi, also of Corriere della Sera, paints a sombre picture of a once-mighty empire, stating, There is nothing left of the old Scuderia.

Terruzzi criticises the lack of connection with its supporters and a perceived indifference within the team, lamenting the erosion of a rich tradition that once defined Ferrari.

Ferrari in crisis: many changes, no improvements, Terruzzi asserts, signifying a need for a resurgence of the team's lost soul.

Former F1 driver and pundit Ralf Schumacher offers a reminder that rebuilding Ferrari is a marathon, not a sprint, likening the current scenario to past legends who also faced years of groundwork - like his own brother Michael.

Ferrari has always been a bit of a problem child, Schumacher told Sky Deutschland, implying that Vasseur's task cannot be rushed: At Ferrari you need patience.