Ferrari has a reshuffle
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APRIL 14, 2009

Ferrari has a reshuffle

It has not been a good year for Ferrari with the worst start to a World Championship campaign since 1992. It is clear that the cars are not fast enough and the team has been making mistakes. In Malaysia, Felipe Massa failed to get out of the Q1 qualifying session because of a bad decision and then Kimi Raikkonen's race was ruined by a switch to wet tyres many laps before they were needed.

The response to these errors has been a management reshuffle with team manager Luca Baldisserri being switched to a factory-based role. Baldisserri's role at the race tracks will be taken over by chief track engineer Chris Dyer.

In an effort to improve the competitiveness of the F60, a new committee has been established to concentrate solely on car performance. This will be headed by technical director Aldo Costa. It is expected that Ferrari will be able to claw back performance but closing the gap to the frontrunners may be more difficult than it seems.

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