OCTOBER 25, 2023

F1 wants Cadillac to switch to another team

Formula 1 is going behind Andretti's back to snatch away the support of General Motors - the second-biggest carmaker in the critical American market.

United States GP 2023
© Alfa Romeo

That is the claim of Jenna Fryer, a long-time sports writer for the American news agency Associated Press.

It comes after the FIA recently green-lit Andretti's application to race in F1 as soon as 2025 - leaving the final decision in the hands of the Liberty Media-owned commercial rights holder, Formula One Management.

Most of the ten existing teams also oppose the Andretti bid, which is backed by General Motors who intend to enter the sport with its Cadillac brand.

F1 and Liberty publicly treat his (Andretti's) application as scrap paper, giving it little to no recognition, Fryer said.

Michael Andretti, a former F1 driver and son of 1978 world champion Mario, attended the recent US GP with his famous father.

When asked why his F1 bid is not popular among Liberty and the existing teams, he said in Austin: I don't know. It's a mystery to me in some ways, why they're pushing back.

Fryer thinks she knows the reason.

Andretti can make a case that keeping him out of F1 is indeed personal, AP's auto racing writer said.

Three different people with direct knowledge of the conversations confirmed to AP that F1 asked General Motors if it would partner with someone other than Andretti, Fryer added.

As for Michael Andretti, she surmised: "F1 doesn't seem to want him, and by excluding him, F1 is coming off as club racing. Not a series that showcases the greatest innovations in motorsports but a series for those invited to compete and be part of the club.

It might just be an argument Andretti needs to have decided in a court of law, Fryer said.