F1 Commission proposes new scoring system
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DECEMBER 10, 2009

F1 Commission proposes new scoring system

The FIA hosted the first F1 Commission for several years today. Chaired by its president Bernie Ecclestone and with FIA President Jean Todt in attendance, the F1 Commission made a number of important decisions.

It agreed that the Brawn team will be allowed to change its chassis name from Brawn to Mercedes. The team will continue to receive payments based on its historical performance. This has been granted on a one-off exceptional basis due to Mercedes-Benz™s long-term involvement and commitment to Formula One.

The F1 Commission also proposed a number of amendments to the sporting and technical regulations, which will be put to the FIA World Motor Sport Council for final approval tomorrow. These include a change in the scoring system to give 25 points for a win, 20 for second, 15 for third, 10 for fourth, eight for fifth, six for sixth, five for seventh, three for eighth, two for ninth and one for 10th place.

The Commission agreed that the Sporting Working Group, a sub-committee of the commission, will develop detailed proposals to improve the show. These will take effect from the 2010 championship. It was agreed that the FIA and FOM will further collaborate to enhance the communication and promotion of the championship to the media and its worldwide fanbase.

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