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MARCH 25, 2008

Dream Chasing

McLaren boss Ron Dennis has always enjoyed the concept of inspiring others to follow their dreams. It was this concept that led him to include an educational area in the McLaren Technical Centre in Woking and is behind a new charitable foundation that he has now launched (albeit quietly) called Dream Chasing. The intention is to find talented youngsters who are having trouble fulfilling their ambitions because of lack of funding and enabling them them to achieve their dreams. Dennis has drawn some of the inspiration for the idea from Lewis Hamilton.

"It is really about mentoring and financing young people from all walks of life in all countries to aspire and succeed in their own dreams," he says. "When you meet terminally-ill adults or even more so children, it gives you a complete perspective on what your own problems are," Dennis says. "There are many, many hundreds, probably millions, of people who are facing a more challenging life than I am."

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