NOVEMBER 6, 2023

Domenicali open to weekend format tweaks for 2024

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali admits that significant tweaks to the 'sprint' weekend format are likely to be made for 2024.

Lando Norris, Brazilian GP 2023
© McLaren

The topic of format tweaks, potential reverse grids, sprint race prize money, a separate sprint championship and many other floated proposals will be considered by the Formula 1 Commission at its forthcoming Abu Dhabi meeting.

We have our antennas in every direction when it comes to making our sport more attractive, the sport's chief executive representing commercial rights holder Formula One Management is quoted by Speed Week.

We have to try out new formats and stay open to everything. This is particularly true when it comes to the topic of sustainability.

On the 'sustainability' front, the FIA, F1 and Pirelli initiated an experiment with a reduced tyre allocation per driver in Hungary and Monza this year - involving a tweaked weekend format dictating use of certain compounds in the segments of qualifying.

It's possible that initiative - where drivers have 11 sets per weekend rather than the full 13 - could now be extended into several more races in 2024, or maybe even the whole season.

Two sets doesn't sound like much, but if we can do it over a whole season, we'll save the production, transport and recycling of 3,500 tyres, says Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola.

Basically, the experiment was a success, the Italian added. There are still a few details to work on, but overall it was good.

It is believed a majority of the teams share Pirelli's position.

I think most of the fans weren't even aware that there was a different tyre allocation at all, admitted McLaren boss Andrea Stella. The attractiveness of Formula 1 has not been diminished in any way.

The proposal to make the experiment permanent is likely to be on the F1 Commission's agenda at the 2023 season finale in Abu Dhabi.