OCTOBER 24, 2023

Dental problem for Leclerc amid F1 triple-header

Charles Leclerc suffered through a literally painful race weekend at the US GP.

Charles Leclerc, United States GP 2023
© Ferrari

The Ferrari driver was upset about another botched race strategy on Sunday, he also complained about being on the wrong end of a team order to let teammate Carlos Sainz past, and then he was disqualified for a worn 'plank'.

But, just a week on from his 26th birthday, none of it was as painful as his dental problem that dogged him throughout the entire Austin weekend.

I was on pretty strong painkillers since Thursday, Bild newspaper quotes the Monegasque driver as saying.

It was sometimes worse, sometimes better. But it didn't affect me in the race.

Leclerc says he suspects the problem is an ever-worsening infection of a wisdom tooth - potentially a big issue for Friday's pole-sitter just a few days ahead of the next race this weekend in Mexico.

When asked if he will need to have surgery to have the wisdom tooth removed, Leclerc answered: I'm not sure yet.

It's a particularly bad time for such a problem, however, as even after Mexico this weekend is the third leg of an arduous overseas triple-header, in Brazil.

There is only then a full week's break before the first grand prix in Las Vegas, which is also paired back-to-back with the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

It's a tight schedule with little room for a toothache, said correspondent Silja Rulle.