FEBRUARY 3, 2021

CEO Domenicali insists F1 not 'boring'

CEO Domenicali insists F1 not 'boring'

CEO Domenicali insists F1 not 'boring'

Stefano Domenicali is upbeat about the future of Formula 1, despite the ongoing covid crisis and claims the races are increasingly "boring".

"Boring races?" Italian broadcaster Rete4 quotes the sport's new F1 CEO as saying.

"I see the numbers and last year the audience was growing."

Domenicali, the former Ferrari and Lamborghini boss, says he is therefore looking forward to the start of the season in Bahrain - notwithstanding the fact that Australia was originally scheduled to host the first race.

"There is a great desire for Formula 1 - millions and millions follow it," Domenicali said.

"There is a desire for passion, characters, drivers who remain unique, mythological, capable of attracting people's interest," the Italian added.

However, some team bosses are now openly worrying that the 2021 season will be as disrupted as 2020 was, when the pandemic shook up the calendar and the usual working routines.

"It can be done," Domenicali said, when asked if Formula 1 can simply proceed even with coronavirus still raging.

"Last year was very good, with a championship carried out despite the difficulties with very intrusive but necessary procedures. The desire is to continue on this path," he explained.

"At the centre is the event, which must be unique and filled with interesting content."