Burti survives huge accident


Burti survives huge accident

LUCIANO BURTI survived an horrific looking accident on the fifth lap of the Belgian Grand Prix after the Prost driver tangled with Eddie Irvine's Jaguar at the flat out Blanchimont corner at historic Spa-Francorchamps.

The pair were disputing 16th place, which Irvine had just taken from the young Brazilian on the run down to the back of the circuit, when Burti dived out to try and gain the advantage on the inside line.

It appears that Irvine was unsighted with the Prost in his blind spot and Burti was left with no room to maneuver, finding himself forced halfway onto the grass on the inside of the corner before tagging the back of the Jaguar.

Irvine spun into the wall but Burti, minus his front wing and with the front wheels damage, hit the wall at unabated speed, ploughing through the protective tire wall and coming to an abrupt stop against the guard rails as the tires rained down on the stricken driver.

Irvine, whose car was also badly damaged in the impact, immediately rushed to help free the stricken driver, but was moved away as the FIA medical team arrived under the cover of the Safety Car.

The race was stopped at the end of the sixth lap and the FIA's medics quickly and gently got to work on Burti, reporting that he was conscious throughout and, while badly knocked about, not in a life threatening condition.

Burti was immediately transferred to the circuit's medical center and then airlifted out to hospital in Liege for a precautionary brain scan.

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