Austin track construction stalled?
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AUGUST 23, 2011

Austin track construction stalled?

In recent days there have been rumours that the Circuit of the Americas, which is to hold the US Grand Prix next year, has halted construction.

According to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, they have been receiving anonymous calls that construction has stopped on the site, and one rumor has stated that the general contractor, Austin Commericial, has had a meeting with it's subcontractors to lay off work for a few weeks as there is insufficient funds to pay them.

Although the rumours persist, circuit spokesman Jeff Hahn has stated that the work is continuing to plans and funds are released according to construction phases, and since work is ahead of schedule, contractors have to wait a few days for the next scheduled payment.

Hahn said, "We™re matching the (bank) draw schedule to the construction schedule".

The race was originally scheduled for next June, but is likely to be shifted to a November date when the final calendar is released.

In recent years track building delays seem to be a regular occurrence, as was seen when Abu Dhabi was finished just days before it's inaugural Grand Prix. Also, in Korea the track wasn't finished when the F1 circus arrived and work continued throughout the weekend. There are also rumours circulating that the site of the Indian Grand Prix won't be finished until very close to it's October 30th date.

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