JULY 2, 2023

Alpha Tauri to move to England says Tost

Red Bull's second Formula 1 team, Italian-based Alpha Tauri, will operate out of a UK facility in future.

Nyck de Vries, Canadian GP 2023
© Red Bull

That is the news from Franz Tost, who at the age of 67 will be replaced as the Faenza-based outfit's team boss by Laurent Mekies (Ferrari) and Peter Bayer (FIA) from 2024.

When long-time boss Tost was asked what he'll do next year, the Austrian told Kleine Zeitung newspaper: "That's not fixed yet.

"Maybe I'll stay in an advisory role."

Other Alpha Tauri employees, however, may currently be weighing up a move from Italy to the UK, where most of the other F1 teams are headquartered - including Red Bull Racing at Milton-Keynes.

"We are currently building a larger facility in England," Tost revealed, "but without giving up the Faenza site.

"However, we want to give every employee the opportunity to work where it suits them best. You can buy almost anything in Formula 1 except time."

As for Tost, his current goal is preparing Alpha Tauri - which will also have a new name next year - for the transition to a new era.

"It was without a doubt the greatest part of my life," he said. "And for me it is now important to hand over the team properly, but above all in a way that promises success.

"It is up to us to provide the drivers with a suitable car so they can drive into the points."