DECEMBER 5, 2023

Alpha Tauri not a Red Bull clone says Horner

Christian Horner has dismissed theories that Alpha Tauri is the new "pink Mercedes" of Formula 1.

Yuki Tsunoda, Abu Dhabi GP 2023
© Red Bull

Before Aston Martin assumed its current name, the Lawrence Stroll-owned team was coloured pink and called Racing Point - and accused of having far too close a technical relationship with the dominant Mercedes team of the time.

And so, as Red Bull-owned Alpha Tauri emerged from its performance slump mid-season in 2023, many wondered if the new 'synergies' with parent team Red Bull Racing were coming together in the form of cloned new car parts.

It's a long way from a 'pink Mercedes', Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner is quoted by the Spanish broadcaster DAZN.

"There are some transferable components that are clearly listed in the rulebook, and that's what they have. But if you look at that car, there are fundamental differences between the Alpha Tauri and the Red Bull.

And arguably there are other cars on the grid that are much closer in concept than an Alpha Tauri. Just look at the Aston Martin, Horner said.

Or even the McLaren - if you look at the rear suspension, it's very similar in concept to ours, he insisted.

Horner also notes that Mercedes and also Ferrari have close technical relationships with teams, involving the supply of gearboxes, suspension and simulation and wind tunnel tools.

Of course, it's then up to them how they use those tools, he said. You can see that McLaren has used those tools, in some respects, better than its supplier has done.