A very quiet time in F1
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OCTOBER 30, 2008

A very quiet time in F1

The last few days have produced little in the way of interest in Formula 1 circles, with the title contenders having little to say prior to the World Championship showdown in Brazil. The teams will have various meetings this weekend with the main topic expected to be the need to balance the horsepower of the different engines, to make F1 more attractive to those teams with a disadvantage. While there are obviously teams that will object to this concept, it is probably in their interest to compromise lest the underpowered teams decide that the FIA proposals for standard engines are something they wish to support.

This would not be a good idea but, in the finest traditions of the sport, the individual performance may be considered before what is in the best interests of the sport. Having said that it is of key importance to the members of the Formula One Teams Association that their organisation stay united, and so there may be compromises to ensure this happens.

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