A change at Honda
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MARCH 5, 2008

A change at Honda

Honda Racing F1 is not having an easy time at the moment but the word is that change is once again afoot with Kevin Taylor, the team's chief designer, departing. Taylor, who cut his teeth in Formula 1 with John Barnard, notably during his relationships with Ferrari and Arrows but moved on to work with Geoff Willis. In recent years, however, Honda has struggled and it seems that Taylor has been less than happy with his position under new deputy technical director Jorg Zander. The new Honda RA108 has not been very impressive thus far in testing but the team is hoping that as new parts arrive there will be an improvement. Ross Brawn will, nonetheless, be looking at the current structure and deciding how best to move forward so it will be interesting to see whether or not Taylor will be replaced or whether the dhief designer role will be absorbed by Zander.

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