FEBRUARY 3, 2017

2017 rules good for F1 and Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen thinks the 2017 rules will be good for formula one -- and for him.

Kevin Magnussen thinks the 2017 rules will be good for formula one -- and for him.

The Danish driver, who has switched from Renault to the small Ferrari-linked American team Haas, argues that the bigger tyres and more downforce is exactly what the sport needed.

"It's great," he told the Danish newspaper BT.

"I love the idea that in 2017 we are likely to drive the fastest formula one cars ever," Magnussen, 24, said.

"And I think the new regulations were needed," he explained. "We need tyres that are more durable. And if the cars have more grip, it means we can push them more.

"It will fit well to my driving style. I have had a tendency to push the cars we've had in recent years too much, and it has usually only caused problems.

"The cars will fit my aggressive style much better," Magnussen said.

Magnussen was speaking after spending time getting to know his new team, after previously having worked for the much bigger outfits McLaren and Renault.

"It is a group of nice people, and it's very cool to get to know them in such a short time. It's only been possible because it's a small team," he said.

He has visited Haas' Banbury setup in the UK, the team's main headquarters in North Carolina (USA), and even stopped in at team partner Ferrari's fabled Maranello base.

"It was a special experience to go and see it (Maranello)," said Magnussen. "But we are of course Haas and we improve our car and get the best out of our car ourselves.

"The new car will be fast," he added, "but how fast compared to the other teams is a little hard to guess. But I'm pretty sure that all the cars will be much faster this year.

"I've prepared myself as best I can and trained hard. I don't feel that I could have done more."