British GP 1965

British GP, 1965

The British Grand Prix returned to Silverstone for the 1965 race and Jim Clark was fastest in qualifying in his Lotus, sharing the front row with the BRMs of Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart, which were split by Ritchie Ginther's improving Honda. On the second row there were World Champion John Surtees in his Ferrari and Team Lotus's number two driver Mike Spence, alongside Brabham's Dan Gurney. There were five British drivers in the top seven positions.

At the start Ginther put the Honda into the lead but on the first lap Clark slipped ahead and the Japanese car slipped back to fourth on the second lap when Hill and Surtees also slipped ahead. Clark drove away from his chasers with Hill trying to keep up while Surtees was left in third after Ginther dropped back with a misfiring engine. Surtees eventually came under pressure from Spence but managed to hold off the Lotus driver while Stewart ran around in a solitary fifth place. In the closing laps of the race Clark's car began to misfire and the gap he had built up closed up dramatically but he managed to stay ahead and crossed the line three seconds ahead of Hill to win his fourth consecutive British GP victory. With Hill second, Surtees third, Spence fourth and Stewart fifth it was a British 1-2-3-4-5.

Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 33 80 2h05m25.400s  
Graham Hill BRM P261 80 2h05m28.600s  
John Surtees Ferrari 1512 80 2h05m53.000s  
Mike Spence Lotus-Climax 33 80 2h06m05.000s  
Jackie Stewart BRM P261 80 2h06m40.000s  
Dan Gurney Brabham-Climax BT11 79  
15 Jo Bonnier Brabham-Climax BT7 79  14 
17 Frank Gardner Brabham-BRM BT11 78  13 
16 Jo Siffert Brabham-BRM BT11 78  18 
10 Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax T77 77  11 
11 24 Ian Raby Brabham-BRM BT3 73  20 
12 12 Masten Gregory BRM P57 70  19 
13 22 Richard Attwood Lotus-BRM 25 63  16 
14r 10 Jochen Rindt Cooper-Climax T77 63 Engine 12 
23 Innes Ireland Lotus-BRM 25 41 Engine 15 
20 John Rhodes Cooper-Climax T60 38 Ignition 21 
18 Bob Anderson Brabham-Climax BT11 33 Gearbox 17 
14 Denny Hulme Brabham-Climax BT7 29 Mechanical 10 
11 Richie Ginther Honda RA272 26 Ignition 
Lorenzo Bandini Ferrari 158 Engine 
ns Jack Brabham Brabham-Climax BT11  Car Raced By Gurney 
ns 24 Chris Amon Brabham-BRM BT3  Car Raced By Raby 22 
nq 25 Alan Rollinson Cooper-Ford T71/73   23 
nq 26 Brian Gubby Lotus-Climax 24   24