Chris Amon was left without a top drive in 1972 when Matra announced that it was pulling out of Formula 1. He joined the Italian firm Tecno. It was not a success despite Amon scoring a point at the Belgian GP. At the end of the year Amon left the Italian organization and announced that he was starting his own Formula 1 team and would build a car for the 1974 season.Amon financed much of the project himself although additional backing came from John Dalton and Gordon Fowell was commissioned to design the Amon-Ford AF101.The car was fairly conventional and appeared for the first time at the Spanish GP at Jarama, the first European event of the season. Amon qualified 23rd ahead of a couple of cars but retired with brake problems at one-quarter distance. The team missed the Belgian GP but appeared in Monaco although Amon did not race. The team disappeared again for the next four races. Larry Perkins was then given the chance to try the car but he too failed to qualify. After failing to qualify for the Italian GP the team closed down, leaving Amon in financial difficulties. He switched to BRM for the final two races of the season.