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Canadian GP 2013

JUNE 9, 2013

Race Notes - Vettel cruises to dominant Canadian GP victory

Sebastian Vettel, Canadian GP 2013
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Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian GP in his Red Bull-Renault by 14.4 seconds over the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso and 15.9 seconds over the Mercedes GP of Lewis Hamilton.

It is Vettel's first win at the Montreal circuit. Vettel now leads by 36 points in the drivers championship, over Alonso, who jumps to second in the standings.

Mark Webber (25.7s) in the second Red Bull finished in fourth, followed by Nico Rosberg (69.7s) in the second Mercedes was fifth, Jean-Eric Vergne (1 lap) in the Toro Rosso-Ferrari was sixth, Paul di Resta (1 lap), on a one-stop strategy in his Force India-Mercedes was seventh, Felipe Massa (1 lap) in the Ferrari was eighth, Kimi Raikkonen (1 lap) in the Lotus-Renault was ninth and Adrian Sutil (1 lap) in the Force India was the final points scorer in tenth.

Di Resta, Bianchi, Chilton and Grosjean will start of medium compound tyres, all others on super-soft.

At the start Vettel takes the lead from Hamilton, Rosberg Webber, Bottas and Alonso.

Alonso passes Bottas before the hairpin.

On lap 1 Hulkenberg cuts the final chicane.

At the end of lap 2, Vettel has a 2.8 second lead over Hamilton.

On lap 3 Massa passes Maldonado for 13th place.

On lap 4 Vettel sets fastest lap at 1m18.6s, and is pushing hard. He leads by 3.8 seconds.

Bottas, in sixth place, is holding up a line of cars behind him.

On lap 6 Vergne passes Bottas. Sutil tries to follow him through but spins, and then continues.

On lap 7 Maldonado damages his front wing, from touching Sutil in the hairpin.

On lap 9 Massa passes Perez for 11th place.

Van der Garde pits. Sutil pits as well. Di Resta is suffering a DRS problem.

At lap 10 Vettel leads Hamilton by5.5 seconds, followed by Rosberg (10.1s), Webber (19.9s), Alonso (12.5s), Vergne )19.9s), Bottas (28.8s), Ricciardo (32.7s), Raikkonen (37.1s), and Massa (37.2) in tenth place.

On lap 11 Vettel brushes the wall, but continues. Massa and Raikkonen battle, but the Finn stays ahead.

On lap 12 Raikkonen passes Ricciardo in the first corner to take 8th place. Pic pits.

On lap 14 Webber, Vergne, Perez and Hulkenberg pit.

On lap 15 Rosberg and Bottas pit, Rosberg taking on another set of super-softs.

Lap 16 is the first lap that Hamilton in second laps faster than Vettel.

Vettel pits from the lead, switching to medium compound tyres, rejoining in second.

On lap 17 Alonso pits staying on super-soft tyres. Massa pits the next lap from eighth and gets another set of super-softs.

On lap 19 Hamilton pits from the lead and switched to medium tyres. Maldonado pits to serve a stop-go penalty.

At lap 20 Vettel leads Hamilton by 10.9 seconds, followed by Rosnberg (14.5s), Webber (15.5s), Alonso (18.2s), Raikkonen (34.7s), Vergne (35.7s), Di Resta (39.5s), Grosjean (43,9s) and Button (47.5s).

On lap 21 Bottas passes Gutierrez for 13th.

On lap 23 Raikkonen pits and has a slow stop with a problem with the left rear tyre. The team informs him to save fuel. Vettel sets fastest lap at 1m18.4s.

On lap 25 Sutil and Massa both pass Button.

On lap 26 Sutil and Massa are battling for ninth place - Sutil stays ahead.

On lap 27 Webber is battling with Rosberg for third place.

Di Resta and Grosjean are yet to pit.

On lap 28 Bottas passes Button for 11th. Button then pits, switching to medium tyres. Webber and Rosberg continue to battle.

On lap 32 Webber passes Rosberg with the help of DRS. Alonso follows him through.

Rosberg pits from fifth place, switching to medium tyres.

Webber sets fastest lap at 1m18,3s,

On lap 34 Perez passes Bottas in the first corner to take 11th place.

Vettel laps Raikkonen in 13th place.

At lap 35 Vettel leads Hamilton by 16.1 seconds, followed by Webber (24.7s), Alonso (26.7s), Rosberg (49.2s), Vergne (55.8s), Di Resta (57.4s), Grosjean (67.1s), Sutil (67.7s) and Massa (76.1s) in tenth place.

On lap 35 Hamilton tells the team that his DRS in not working.

On lap 37 at the hairpin, Webber touches Van der Garde and sends him into a spin while trying to pass.

On lap 39 Sutil makes his second pitstop.

On lap 40 Hulkenberg pits. Raikkonen passes Bottas for 12th place.

Alonso set fastest lap at 1m18.0s.

On lap 41 Ricciardo pits. Van der Garde pits to serve a penalty.

Alonso in pressuring Webber for third.

On lap 42 Bottas pits again. Alonso passes Webber into the first corner for third place. Vettel sets fastest lap at 1m173s.

On lap 43 Massa pits for a second time. Bianchi and Grosjean pit as well.

On lap 44 Perez pits. Di Resta is still to make his first tyre stop.

At lap 45 Vettel leads Hamilton by 15.0 seconds, followed by Alonso (23.9s), Webber (25.5s), Rosberg (53.0s), Vergne (65.9s), Di Resta (67.8s), Sutil (1 lap), Raikkonen (1 lap), and Grosjean (1 lap) in tenth place.

On lap 47 Webber pits from fourth taking another set of medium tyres. Van der Garde makes contact with Hulkenberg and damages his front wing. Van der Garde retires in the pits.Vettel sets fastest lap at 1m16.9s.

On lap 48 Alonso pits from third place for more medium tyres.

On lap 49 Hamilton pits from second place. Vettel pits the next lap from the lead.

Hulkenberg pits with a damaged rear tyre.

On lap 51 Maldonado pits.

On lap 52 Vettel runs straight at the first corner, and rejoins at turn 2.

On lap 53 Alonso sets fastest lap at 1m16.7s.

On lap 54 Grosjean pits.

At lap 55 Vettel leads Hamilton by 16.0s, followed by Alonso (17.9s), Webber (24.9s), Rosberg (46.2s), Vergne (61.7s), Di Resta (63.7s) still yet to stop, Sutil (1 lap), Raikkonen (1 lap) and Massa in tenth.

Red Bull reports to Vettel that he has flat-spotted his tyres.

On lap 56 Alonso closes to less than 2 seconds behind Hamilton in second place.

On lap 57 Di Resta finally makes his first pit stop of the race.

On lap 58 Rosberg pits from fifth place. Alonso sets fastest lap at 1m16.3s.

On lap 61 Sutil is given a stop-go penalty for ignoring the blue-flags.

Alonso is right on the tail of Hamilton in second place.

On lap 62 Alonso passes Hamilton in the DRS zone into the first corner to take over second place. Sutil pits to serve his penalty.

At lap 65 Vettel leads Alonso by 20.19.4 seconds, followed by Hamilton (20.6s), Webber (28.2s), Rosberg (71.4s), Vergne (1 lap), DiResta, Raikkonen, Massa and Sutil in tenth place.

On lap 66 Gutierrez pits, when he rejoins the track, the Sauber goes straight on into the outside wall at turn 2, and is out on the spot.

On lap 69 Massa repasses Raikkonen to take eighth place.

Vettel holds on for a dominate win over Alonso and Hamilton.