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MARCH 9, 2018

No physical barrier for women in F1 says Calderon

A female F1 test driver says physical strength does not prevent women from racing at the pinnacle of motor sport.

This week, Spanish driver and FIA 'women in motor sport commission' member Carmen Jorda triggered a controversy when she suggested women might want to focus on an easier series like Formula E.

But then Tatiana Calderon was appointed as a Sauber test driver for 2018, even though team boss Frederic Vasseur said the 24-year-old Colombian will not get any Friday practice outings.

She was however asked by El Mundo Deportivo newspaper to comment on Jorda's suggestion that Formula E is a better target than F1 for female drivers.

"The truth is that I have never driven a Formula E car to know if it is difficult or easy to drive," Calderon answered.

"But I have not personally felt that there is a physical barrier, although obviously women and men are different and women have a little less muscle mass. But I have worked hard with training to make up for that.

"Susie Wolff has already shown that there is no physical barrier and now I hope to be able to show that we can compete as well," she added.

Calderon also said she doesn't like Jorda and Bernie Ecclestone's idea that a separate women's F1 championship should be started.

"I want to be the next woman to compete in F1," she declared. "I really do not need a women's championship because there is no physical limitation. I think women really can do a good job."