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MARCH 8, 2018

Brown not ruling out McLaren engine

Zak Brown has played down suggestions McLaren could become a formula one engine supplier in 2021.

Early this year, F1 talks will intensify about what the post-2021 engine regulations will look like.

Talks have already upset Ferrari and Mercedes, and McLaren executive Brown said: "From the conservations I've had with Sergio (Marchionne) and Toto (Wolff), I can see that we have many ideas in common regarding the future.

"We want everyone to stay, but Liberty and the FIA must put their ideas on the table as quickly as possible," he added.

If the 2021 rules are conducive to enabling independent manufacturers to join in, some believe McLaren could build their own engine.

"Making an engine yourself is financially very difficult," Brown is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, "and we've just started a relationship with Renault.

"It is possible, but not very likely, that we will have our own engine in 2021. It would be nice to have a McLaren engine, but it would have to make economic sense."