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MARCH 1, 2018

Steiner plays down hopes for Bahrain testing

Gunther Steiner has played down hopes F1 might head to Bahrain for winter testing next year.

With uncharacteristic snow falling in Barcelona, the ten teams failed to agree unanimously to extend this week's first test.

"It's hard to imagine two of us agreeing, let alone ten," said Steiner, the Haas team boss.

Many paddock figures think that trying to do all the winter testing in Europe is a mistake.

"Even in good weather it can be pointless," said Toro Rosso chief Franz Tost. "It's so difficult to bring these tyres up to temperature.

"For years I've been trying to get us to test in Bahrain or Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately not everyone shares my opinion," he told Speed Week.

"Maybe they'll change their minds now."

The big hurdle to Bahrain testing seems to be costs, but Steiner said logistics are also an issue for the European-based teams.

"You have no idea how many new parts we get each day. It's unbelievable," he said.

"From England or Italy you put the parts in a van, drive eight hours and it's here. We have people driving back and forth all the time.

"If we go to Bahrain, only some teams can be organising private flights to deliver the new parts," Steiner added.