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NOVEMBER 26, 2017

FIA firm on three engines rule change for 2018

The FIA is standing firm on the move from four to three engines per driver in 2018.

The rule change is actually highly controversial, with Red Bull's Christian Horner saying giving drivers less engines amid the frenzy of grid penalties is "barking mad".

McLaren's Eric Boullier agrees, arguing that the rule change will not lower costs as intended.

"There are fewer engines but the cost to customers is the same and the manufacturers spend a lot of money to make the engine reliable," he told Spain's Movistar in Abu Dhabi.

"Not only Honda but also Renault suffered many penalties for their engines this year and it's not good for F1," Boullier insisted.

"We should be more sensible and understand that we have reached the limit. But the decision needs to be unanimous and the manufacturers are not," he added.

For the FIA's part, president Jean Todt insists the rule is now set in stone.

"There are some people who suggest using only one power unit," he said in Abu Dhabi.

"The decision about the three engines is taken, and if we want to return to four engines then we need the unanimous decision of all the teams," said Todt.

"We do not have that, so the three engines remains in place."