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OCTOBER 27, 2017

Hulkenberg has no problem with fast teammate Sainz

Nico Hulkenberg insists the arrival of his new teammate Carlos Sainz poses him "no problem".

Although the German had a less than smooth weekend in Austin, some believe Hulkenberg was outperformed by Sainz as the Spaniard made his Renault debut a week ago.

When asked how his first weekend alongside Sainz went, Hulkenberg answered in Mexico: "Well enough.

"He quickly got used to the team and was immediately able to show good speed."

But when asked if he likes the idea of having a more competitive teammate, after spending most of 2017 alongside Jolyon Palmer, Hulkenberg answered: "Well, it's good.

"No problem.

"As I said, Carlos almost immediately was able to show good speed and he's not only quick but he works a lot -- which is good for us.

"The team always wins when both drivers help the team to move forward," he added.