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SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Nasr admits F1 return unlikely

Former Sauber driver Felipe Nasr says he wants to get back to racing next year.

The Brazilian contested two seasons with the Swiss team until the end of last year, when his backer Banco do Brasil pulled out of the sport.

Since then, the 25-year-old has been testing several cars.

"I tested the Imsa prototype, I had some contact with some Formula E teams, I did some simulators, and I was also at Indycar at the Watkins Glen round in New York," Nasr told Globo.

He said he was invited to the Indycar round by Helio Castroneves.

"He put me in touch with a lot of people in Indy," Nasr revealed, amid rumours he could test an Indycar next month.

"Regardless of the category, I think I have the quality to be in a competitive team next year," he said.

And Nasr also revealed that his manager, Steve Robertson - who also handles Kimi Raikkonen's career - has been in touch with some F1 teams.

But he admits that a return to F1 will be difficult.

"Either you're linked to an automaker right from the start or you need to take an investment to get into the other teams," Nasr said.

"The moment that our country is going through also does not help. Realistically, no one is investing in anything."