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Special Halo colour for title leader says Todt

Jean Todt has an idea to spice up the popularity of the 'Halo' safety innovation for 2018.

Many drivers, insiders and fans are unhappy that the cockpit protection system will affect the aesthetics and 'DNA' of formula one from next year.

FIA president Todt said at Monza that Halo is being brought in to keep the drivers safe, even though many of those on the grid already feel 'too safe'.

"That is why we need responsible people leading the sport," he is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

"When I announced that we will introduce Halo for the 2018 season of Formula E, there was no criticism," Todt added.

"And also with the introduction of Halo for Formula 2 next year I hear no negative comments. This shows that people already get used to it."

Still, Halo remains unpopular and controversial among many F1 fans.

Todt said: "I've heard an idea I like -- that we should give the championship leader a Halo in a special colour.

"However, I have also heard that some teams have already sold the space on the Halo to sponsors," he added.