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AUGUST 25, 2017

FIA to mandate Halo beyond F1 says Mekies

F1's governing body has admitted it wants the controversial 'Halo' concept to be rolled out across the spectrum of open wheel racing.

Many F1 drivers, insiders and fans are unhappy the 'flip flop'-style safety innovation will protect the open cockpits of every F1 car next year.

But the FIA's technical boss Laurent Mekies said: "There is no sense in something like Halo if it cannot be introduced in another similar series.

"That doesn't mean the same version will be used everywhere," he is quoted by Russia's Match TV. "But I think it would be hard to understand if only the best drivers were protected by something like that.

"F1 is the best environment for testing and research of solutions and so it was only natural that we developed it here. But it is obvious that our intention is to introduce the concept in other series," Mekies added.