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JULY 28, 2017

Teams will personalise Halo designs says Whiting

F1's governing body has played down the waves of negativity following its decision to impose the controversial 'Halo' concept in 2018.

Not only fans, but also teams and many drivers have admitted their opposition to the questionable aesthetics of the concept designed to improve forward cockpit protection.

"If it looks sh-t, it is sh-t," Kevin Magnussen said in Hungary.

Even Grand Prix Drivers' Association director Romain Grosjean admitted he is opposed, saying he struggles to see through the Halo when driving.

The French driver's boss Gunther Steiner reacted: "We'll have to put it on the simulator so he can get used to it.

"We need to find a solution because it (Halo) is coming."

As for the worries about Halo's aesthetics, FIA officials are trying to calm the waters.

Safety director Laurent Mekies, for one, said a better solution than Halo might eventually be debuted post-2018.

"It's possible that we'll make some milestones and decide that another solution will be better, also aesthetically," he said.

And F1 race director Charlie Whiting said the FIA is working to refine the design, while allowing the teams to come up with their own styling to accompany the basic Halo that will be supplied by an external manufacturer.

"They will come up with some pretty different designs," he predicted.

"All the prototypes have been pretty raw, so they (the teams) have some freedom to improve the aerodynamic efficiency.

"Last year when Williams painted their prototype white, it already looked much better," Whiting continued. "Personally, I think the fans will quickly get used to it.

"In the end I think everything will not be as bad as it might seem now."

However, there is also an issue of weight, with the cars to increase by at least 5kg to accommodate Halo and Lewis Hamilton pointing out that "Even now the cars are not exactly light".