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JULY 16, 2017

Wolff blasts delusional Hamilton critics

Toto Wolff has blasted Lewis Hamilton's critics, after the Mercedes driver skipped the London demonstration event this week.

Critics suggested that as the British hero and arguably F1's most popular driver, Hamilton should not have been the only driver absent in the UK capital.

That criticism came amid speculation Hamilton and Wolff have fallen out, after the Mercedes chief accepted an invitation to title nemesis Sebastian Vettel's recent birthday party in Switzerland.

"The press has completely delusional stories about the relationship between myself and Lewis, and Lewis and the team," Wolff said at Silverstone.

"Actually it's quite the opposite."

As for the criticism about Hamilton's conspicuous London absence, Wolff said: "This three time world champion has just set another record for the number of pole positions, so to doubt that he knows how to best prepare for a race weekend is an insult.

"As team boss, I give him that freedom and if he thinks it is better to stay away, to spend some time with friends, then so be it," he added.

A bullish Wolff also slammed Romain Grosjean, after the Haas driver hit out at the stewards for not penalising Hamilton for an alleged blocking move in qualifying.

"I understand that the title fight is important," Grosjean had said, "but there is far too much inconsistency in the decisions."

Wolff hit back by characterising Grosjean as a driver who regularly complains.

"Given what happened in the past, he should just be happy that he is in formula one," said the Austrian.