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JULY 13, 2017

No Verstappen release for 100 million says Marko

Dr Helmut Marko has categorically ruled out releasing Max Verstappen before the Dutchman's Red Bull contract runs out.

Persistent speculation suggests Ferrari may even be willing to pay millions to extract the 19-year-old from his current Red Bull deal, which runs until the end of 2019.

But Marko, the Red Bull driver manager, tells Bild newspaper: "We would not give max up for 100 million.

"We put him into formula one to see his insane potential and development. We want to be world champion with him," he insisted.

Verstappen's manager Raymond Vermeulen said: "We are, as always, committed to agreements, but this is based on reciprocity with Red Bull.

"We do not talk about contracts but Dr Marko, Max and I know what is agreed.

"Red Bull has one of the best drivers in the paddock, and you can expect us to have the best equipment to become world champion," he added.

The latest rumours come amid Verstappen's obvious frustration with his run of abysmal car reliability in 2017.

"We have told him we are doing everything we can to stop this unbelievable bad luck," said Marko.