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JULY 8, 2017

F1 to have Halo or Shield in 2018 says Whiting

F1 cars will feature either Halo or 'Shield' cockpit protection in 2018.

Earlier, the controversial 'halo'-like system was shelved by F1 chiefs in deference to research into the more attractive transparent shield device, which is set to be tested by Ferrari next weekend at Silverstone.

Only after the 'Shield' tests will the FIA decide how to proceed.

As for what will happen if the solution is ruled out, F1 race director Charlie Whiting told Auto Motor und Sport: "Then the Halo will come in.

"There will be some sort of cockpit protection in 2018," he insisted.

At present, the frontrunner is Shield.

"It is structurally much easier to integrate into the chassis than the Halo," said Force India technical boss Andy Green.

"And its aerodynamic effects are significantly lower than in the case of the Halo."