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JUNE 7, 2017

Ferrari could win 2017 title says Alesi

Jean Alesi thinks it is possible Ferrari will win its first championship for a decade this year.

It is now over 20 years since the Frenchman won his first and only grand prix for Ferrari, at the scene of this weekend's Canadian grand prix in Montreal.

Now, Alesi says he is witnessing a stronger Ferrari than he has seen for years.

"Ferrari is formula one history," he is quoted by Italian media, "and they are doing a great season.

"Canada is a high speed track with particular characteristics and I think Ferrari will be strong. Changes of direction and high speed braking are very strong points of the machine.

"Are they favourites for the title? If we speak only about facts, so far if they do not win then they are second, so I really hope it will be a grand finale," Alesi added.

And when asked about Kimi Raikkonen's place at Ferrari following the Monaco controversy, former Ferrari and Sauber driver Alesi answered: "He will react from the disappointment, keep pushing and maybe even win."