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MAY 26, 2017

Wolff hints at same drivers for 2018

Toto Wolff has hinted Mercedes will not make any changes to its driver lineup for 2018.

While the German team's boss said it is too early for decisions, he also hailed the atmosphere and dynamics inside Mercedes so far this year.

"Nico Rosberg played a fundamental role with car development," Wolff told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"His head worked like an engineer. But with Valtteri Bottas, we have found the best possible substitute. The dynamics in the team have changed completely.

"With Lewis and Nico, we went through different phases, from friendship to rivalry to hostility and arrogance. But with Valtteri and Lewis, there is zero controversy.

"They respect each other and look forward to a good result from each other. I think Lewis changed over the winter. He went from a loner to a true team player," Wolff added.

Looking further into the future, Wolff said he recognises the need for a new engine formula beyond the expiry of the current regulations.

"We neglected the sound with the current engine generation," he said. "When we are discussing the engines from 2020 onwards, a great engine noise will be one of the key points for us."