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MAY 25, 2017

F1 changes cars after Monger crash

F1 has reacted to the Billy Monger crash by tweaking the design of the 2017 cars.

Recently, the British youngster crashed into a stationary car during a Formula 4 race and subsequently had both his legs amputated.

F1 has reacted.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that, ahead of the Monaco round, every car had to make modifications to the jack-supports at the rear of the car.

The offending part, located beneath the rear crash structure, had to be redesigned by each team so that it is no longer sharp or projectile-shaped.

The German report said that, in the F4 crash, the sharp rear jack support had ripped through the front crash structure of Monger's car.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt said: "On Wednesday, Jo Bauer checked all cars to see if they meet the new regulation."