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APRIL 26, 2017

Vettel to use racing socks from Russia

Sebastian Vettel will begin using racing 'socks' rather than traditional boots this weekend in Russia.

Actually, the world championship leader intended to start using Puma's specially-developed, one piece and laceless racing sock in Australia.

But it has only just been homologated by the FIA.

"Auto Bild's information is that Vettel can finally use his racing sock from Russia," the German publication declared.

A Puma spokesman said of the 135 gram 'sock': "We have tried to reduce a racing shoe to the minimum.

"This is the first sports shoe using fire-resistant thread for racing."

The spokesman said German Vettel was central to the development of the racing sock.

"The feedback of the driver is the most important part, as we want to give him what he wants. We have succeeded in that," he added.