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MARCH 25, 2017

Mercedes removes trick suspension voluntarily

Mercedes has "voluntarily" removed its controversial suspension system for the Australian grand prix.

It follows Saturday's news that, following complaints about the active suspension-mimicking technology from Ferrari, the FIA told Red Bull to take off a similar system.

But Auto Motor und Sport says that while Mercedes' version is technically legal, the team "doesn't want to take any risks in the first race".

Mercedes decision is also "because the system has no advantage in Melbourne", correspondent Michael Schmidt added.

Another theory is that the technology is so complex, and so close to the borders of the regulations, that there is a risk the stewards may ultimately declare it illegal after the race has been run and won in Australia.

An FIA source said: "If we had the slightest doubt, we would have to communicate these doubts to the stewards. What do you think they would decide?"