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SEPTEMBER 18, 2016

Trulli, Zanardi less impressed with F1

Two former F1 drivers have admitted they find the sport less appealing than during their own careers.

Grand prix winner Jarno Trulli raced over 250 times for teams including Renault and Toyota, but he said of formula one: "In comparison, MotoGP is more appealing now.

"Why? Because the rider plays a more active role," the 42-year-old Italian told La Repubblica newspaper.

"The really big mistake is the continuously changing regulations, causing too much confusion. The cure is to restore the role of the driver," Trulli added.

Trulli recently attended the Italian grand prix at Monza, and said of his visit: "It was a bit sad -- I found it sterile.

"F1 remains the jewel of motor sport, but the crisis is there for everyone to see. Today we are drowning in regulations," he insisted.

Also commenting on the state of today's F1 is Alex Zanardi, who has been inspiring the world with his medal-winning feats in hand-cycling at the Paralympics.

"I must admit I am not a fan of the turbo era," he said, "and this new generation of engines, which takes the emotion from the drivers and the people watching the races.

"We need technology, but not to kill the show," Zanardi added.