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MARCH 16, 2016

Renault to unveil all-yellow livery

Renault is set to unveil an all-yellow race livery for 2016.

As recently as this week, even though the wraps will come off the Melbourne car on Wednesday, the carmaker's Jerome Stoll was giving nothing away.

"In Melbourne it will be different," he said, referring to Renault's all-black testing colours, "but just as elegant."

Amateur photos of the final livery - all yellow with black wings - have now emerged from a filming of the RS16 car this week on a Sydney beach.

Kevin Magnussen was present for the shoot, and the Danish newspaper BT quotes him as saying this week: "We have a good starting point that we feel comfortable with.

"We are not entirely satisfied with performance, but we are happy with what we have achieved in the short time available."

Observers in the Albert Park paddock have confirmed that the yellow RS16s are now being worked on by mechanics inside the team's garage.