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JULY 9, 2015

Ferrari has not closed gap to Mercedes says Minardi

Former F1 team boss and owner Gian Carlo Minardi says he would give Ferrari just 6 out of 10 for its 2015 campaign so far.

That is despite the fact the likes of Maurizio Arrivabene and Sebastian Vettel have been hailed for breathing new life into the apparently resurgent team.

Minardi insists: "The start of the season was misleading. In fact, the gap to Mercedes has not diminished.

"I compliment Arrivabene for the podiums, but it is not enough. The problem is performance," he told the Ferrari insider Leo Turrini, on Quotidiano.

"And remember that in February 2016, these engines will be frozen once again.

"You want to know the truth? Ferrari has benefitted from the collapse of Red Bull and McLaren," said Minardi.