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DECEMBER 8, 2014

Lowe vows to improve Mercedes reliability

Paddy Lowe has vowed to improve Mercedes' reliability record.

While the German team utterly dominated in 2014, two teams were actually better in the area of technical reliability, Germany's Auto Motor und Sport revealed.

It was McLaren and Ferrari with the most reliable cars this year, followed by Mercedes and then former world champions Red Bull in fourth place.

"12 months ago I decided to improve our quality control," said technical boss Lowe, "but it is not an overnight process.

"We have not had the time to change all the processes that need to be changed because the main challenge was to make the car faster.

"Once you've done that, then you can take better care of reliability," he added.

"Ferrari made this step in the Schumacher era," Lowe said, "and they are still at a very high level."