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OCTOBER 4, 2013

Lauda not convinced amid Red Bull cheat rumours

Niki Lauda did not sound convinced about the legality of Red Bull's car as rumours of illegal traction control echo around the Yeongam paddock.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso on Thursday, however, insisted he does not think the reigning world champions are cheating.

"People talk a lot without knowing exactly what they are seeing or hearing," a spokesman for the Maranello based team told Spain's Marca newspaper.

"Ferrari will not protest," he added, while correspondent Marco Canseco said Ferrari is not even planning a mere clarification from the FIA.

Mercedes' Lauda, however, gave a less convincing answer when asked his thoughts about the Red Bull 'system'.

"Red Bull did some software testing before Singapore," he told Osterreich newspaper. "(I know) because the FIA said they (Red Bull) need to change something about it.

"They did that and then everything was apparently fine," added Lauda.

Told that his answer did not sound completely convincing as to Red Bull's innocence, the great triple world champion insisted: "If you cannot prove anything, you should not speculate."