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OCTOBER 1, 2013

Sirotkin to drive 2009 Ferrari at Fiorano

Sergey Sirotkin's push for a F1 super license will take place at the wheel of a four-year-old Ferrari.

We reported on Monday that the Russian teen, who is expected to make his grand prix debut for Sauber next year, has already got his programme underway.

Prior to driving the 2013 Sauber on a 700 metre asphalted stretch of the new Russian venue in Sochi, the 18-year-old tested at the Vairano facility in Italy.

His next stop is Fiorano, Ferrari's own test track near its Maranello base.

"Actually, it's only a formality," Sirotkin told Russia's, referring to the need to acquire his F1 super license before Sauber can officially confirm his 2014 seat.

"We have two days to show race pace over 300 kilometres."

Italy's Italiaracing said Sirotkin will attempt to qualify for the mandatory FIA credential with a 2009 car supplied by Sauber's engine supplier, Ferrari.

The F60 was raced by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa four years ago.

Italiaracing, adding that a seat fitting has already taken place, said Sirotkin's Fiorano test will be held on 7 and 10 October.