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SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

New Jersey on 2014 calendar, Pirelli staying in F1

New Jersey is officially back on the F1 calendar for 2014, as the FIA published a huge 22-race schedule after its meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Friday.

The meeting took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where it was also finally confirmed that Pirelli is staying put as F1's official tyre supplier.

But the Italian marque's longer-term place on the grid is less assured, with the FIA announcing it will run a new tender process for suppliers in future.

"In order to cover the transition period and considering the contracts already settled by FOM and the teams with Pirelli, the (FIA) today confirmed that Pirelli may continue to supply tyres to competitors in (F1), subject to the requisite technical and safety standards of the FIA being met," read a media statement.

A huge 22-race calendar for 2014 was published, with New Jersey slotted back in with a June 1 date, but marked as provisional.

Also provisional are the races in Korea and Mexico, after F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone admitted recently a 20 or 21-race calendar is actually more realistic.