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Pirelli has 2014 deals with all teams

Pirelli has signed supply contracts with all eleven formula one teams, motor sport director Paul Hembery told reporters at Monza.

The Italian marque also has a new deal in place with F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, giving the impression Pirelli is surely staying in the sport beyond its 2013 tenure.

"Yes, we now have an agreement with all the teams, and the promoter of the championship," Hembery is quoted by Russia

But the final signature, that of F1's governing FIA, is still conspicuously missing.

Amid speculation Jean Todt favours the return of French supplier Michelin, Hembery said recently that a change now for 2014 would be "farcical".

Hembery said at Monza: "In two weeks we need to clearly define the programme for next year and give the teams the information they need.

"We have been preparing for next season for the past four months."